Giovanni Lodi, following his instinct and passion for precision mechanics, decided to Specialize his company in the construction of flat surfaces grinding machines, making a name as a producer in the 1960s with the construction of thousands of small rotary table surface grinders.

The entry into the company of his son Claudio contributes to a significant growth and in the first months of 1967 "Costruzioni Meccaniche Giovanni and Claudio Lodi" started the production of the first horizontal grinding machine for flat surfaces, which opens the way to the Successful series known by the name "Microstatic".

meccaniche lodi saturno meccaniche lodi rv 600 meccaniche lodi microstatic
meccaniche lodi saturno meccaniche lodi rv 600 meccaniche lodi microstatic

In 1985, thanks to a strong entrepreneurial push, the mechanical, electrical and electronic research and development wascreated. This department gives new lifeblood for the company which, with brand new projects and the use of the most advanced technologies, develops a wide range of horizontal, vertical, profile, internal and external grinding machines, equipped with the very personal CNC LODI or alternatively Siemens CNC Sinumerik system, both dedicated to the most different working requirements.

meccaniche lodi rtrv

The company thus matures the awareness that the main competitive factors are quality, innovation and reliability of the product, becoming an important point of reference for its customers now distributed all over the world ...

On June 16th, 2017 the company Nuove Meccaniche Lodi S.r.l. with operating headquarters in Vigevano (PV) acquired the Meccaniche Lodi brand and became part of a group of companies already operating in the machine tool sector, continuing with the samepassionas the first day the construction of grinding machines. The new grinding centers and high performance are equipped with linear motors, torque mo-tors, hydrostatic systems, multi-spindle heads and multi-tool electrospindles.

lodi saturno
lodi microstatic 1
lodi microstatic 2
lodi microstatic 3
lodi microstatic 4
lodi rtrv